Learn New Career Skills in Coronavirus Quarantine

Improve yourself by taking advantage of online documentaries and adult learning video courses


COVID-19 has left millions unemployed, local businesses on the verge of closing, and freelancers without the gigs that were sustaining them. Although it is a dark and difficult time, we can use the mandate of self-isolation to better ourselves for when the workforce opens up again. These films can help you learn new skills, discover different jobs to apply for, understand the economy, or even just find inspiration for returning to what seems like a bleak job market.

“The Great Courses” is a series offered on Kanopy with over 6,000 videos on a multitude of subjects such as on history, developing hobbies, learning languages, and many, many more. The abundance of knowledge available at your fingertips is overwhelming. Some useful courses to take during this time would be “Critical Business Skills,” “Money Management Skills,” or “The Art of Public Speaking.” These short educational videos are the perfect mind-boosters for jumping back in the job market.

If you are exploring new employment options, check out the documentary One Week Job about an average guy who searches for his passion by working 52 jobs in 52 weeks. He hops from employer to employer with the condition that his wages will be donated to the ONE/Make Poverty History campaign, trying everything from baking to trading stocks. This unique documentary may inspire you with the desire to seek a job in another field.

You don’t have to like sushi to appreciate this beautiful documentary. The heartwarming and taste-tantalizing Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a gorgeous ode to an artist and his craft. We witness sushi chef Jiro Ono’s exacting standards and taciturn nature that goes into crafting his morsels. His refined dedication is awe-inspiring and can be applied to any trade. Watch on Netflix, Amazon, or Vudu to admire his work ethic and apply it to your own. 

Based on the bestselling book on incentives-based thinking, Freakonomics is a mosaic of mini-documentaries that teach you the scientific and economic concepts behind human behavior. This psychological study could greatly benefit your own work as an employee or business owner, attuning you to the human side of money. The captivating documentary studies how people react to opportunities to gain wealth, exploring various situations such as sumo wrestling and a school experiment with cash incentives for struggling students.