For over 30 yearsVideo Librarian was the trusted resource for librarians and faculty looking to develop film collections for their campuses, institutions, and communities. In December 2019, it published its last print edition. Then in 2020, Video Librarian began a new era.

While schools and libraries shut their doors all over the country and across the world due to COVID-19, Video Librarian never closed – we adapted. Transitioning to 100% online and switching content management systems, we embarked on a six-month indexing project, tagging the Video Librarian archive of 40,000 past reviews – all while continuing to develop new content.

Since transitioning from print, Video Librarian has more than doubled our readership to a global audience. We surpass 15,000 highly-focused regular users of our site per month. We have quicker turnaround times for reviews. And we have dozens of dynamic options for digital advertising campaigns.

Now in 2024, Video Librarian is growing exponentially. Our reviews are still written by staff, librarians, teachers, and film critics. We publish reviews daily, along with news briefs, event listings, thought-provoking articles, a searchable database of nearly 1,000 distributors, and more.

Our mission continues to be to share great films with audiences.

Video Librarian is your partner — whether you are a librarian, filmmaker, distributor, student, faculty, community center, vendor, or cinephile — Video Librarian is your partner. 

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