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Video Librarian is your ONE-STOP RESOURCE for film and television reviews of ALL genres, subjects, and styles.

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✓ Have access to over 40,000 film, television show, and instructional video reviews
Read top-notch reviews written by critics, teachers, and librarians assessing a title's quality and educational benefits

✓ Access thousands of distributor contacts using our Distributor Database
Are you looking for a title that's hard to find? Video Librarian's Distributor Database will provide ordering information for those elusive titles

✓ Access to our Print Archive
The Print Archive provides full PDF versions of Video Librarian back issues from 2012-2019

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► Individual Subscription Plan: Single User ($75.00 annually)

► Group Subscription Plan: Multiple Users (up to 20) for a Single Institution/Location ($125.00 annually)

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Hear what others are saying about us...

"This resource is so good that I never feel the need to look for other places that give similar information."

- Frank Bridges, Mount View Middle School & High School Library

"The Video Librarian reviews are an invaluable resource for building a deeper collection."

- Catherine Cooper, Lee-Whedon Memorial Library

"Your reviews give us professional input that is valuable."

- Kendal Hopkins, Caroll County Public Library

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