Susan Granger


Mike Lauterborn

Susan Granger is a product of Hollywood. Her natural father, S. Sylvan Simon, was a director/producer at M.G.M. and Columbia Pictures; her adoptive father, Armand Deutsch, produced movies at M.G.M.

As a child, Susan appeared in movies with Abbott & Costello, Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, Margaret O’Brien and Lassie. She attended Mills College in California, studying journalism with Pierre Salinger, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with highest honors in journalism.

During her adult life, Susan has been on radio & television, first as an anchorwoman, then as movie/drama critic, syndicating her reviews/articles around the world. She has appeared on American Movie Classics and Turner Classic Movies. In 2017, her book 150 TIMELESS MOVIES was published by Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc.  Her website is

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